There is no question that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused our work life to change. With a lot of confusion and uncertainty right now, it can get very demanding as a landlord. 
If you are either a property owner who, on a short-term or long-term basis, rents out their property, then you probably have a lot of questions and very few answers. Check out our 3 essential tips to help you as a landlord manage during Covid: 

 1) Stay informed:  COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions are constantly changing, often with little notice to landlords and tenants to stay updated with the news and only rely on trusted sources. If still unsure, visit the Citizens information page that is regularly updated in line with the latest COVID-19 guidelines:  If an agent manages your properties, ask what steps your agent is taking concerning the current situation.     2) Isolate if necessary.  If you or your tenant have been informed they need to self-isolate, it is essential to avoid exposing you and your tenants to risk. A good recommendation will be to have a contingency plan in place your tenant's movement is restricted for two weeks. Keeping several accessible forms of communication with all stakeholders will really help in this situation in the event of Covid.       3) Don't Panic:  If you feel your anxiety levels rising, know that you're not alone with so much conflicting information coming out on a day-to-day basis it's easy to be overwhelmed.  And remember, you do not have to figure everything out by yourself. If you need advice, Forbes Property is always available to give a helping hand. Why not throw us an email or call and help us take that burden off your shoulders. 

With an extra 1 million people set to live in Ireland by 2040 check out one of the solutions to urbanistation below: 

What is compact growth? 

Compact Growth is a new preference of developing the cities in Ireland. Centralizing future population into urban areas has its advantages. Living in urban spaces turns out to be much more beneficial to people. Cities and bigger towns provide a large selection of jobs, educational centers and services. Living around urban areas gives residents many life opportunities and saves time on commuting which also favorably affects the environment. 
The target is to support population growth in four cities of: Cork, Limerick, Galway and Waterford and better management in the capital so that the residents can be accommodated close to the city. It is essential to restore unnecessary, unused and abandoned land and buildings to active use. 
With reference to that, we should stop expanding low-density suburban development around our cities and towns and rather increase building heights to tackle our problems with urban sprawl. This can reduce the cost of infrastructure and carbon emission, save residents a lot of time on commuting, as well as protect the prime green land which, once developed, is irreplaceable. 
The increased height of a building is a key factor in helping to create a modern space and improve the overall quality of our urban environments. Not only will the taller buildings bring much-needed additional housing and economic development in well-located urban areas, but also they can help to strengthen and contribute to a sense of place in the city center, identifying major activity centers, public spaces and transport nodes. Therefore it can bring us more accommodation for the rising population and improve the city. 
With Covid 19 bringing tourism in Ireland to a standstill Dublin has seen an increase of over 1300 properties available for long term rental properties available. 
According to the' Q3 rental report, the number of properties available to rent in Dublin doubled over the past twelve months, with 2,700 properties available to rent compared to 1,400 available in the third quarter of 2019. 
With tourism in Ireland ground to halt landlords are withdrawing their rentals from short-term sites such as Airbnb 
Dublin has seen 0.8% decrease in rents since the same period in 2019. 
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